About Us

About Waterbond

  • Founded in 1999, Waterbond is a distinguished and dynamic provider of a wide range of Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems & Air Pollution Control Systems in Malaysia.

  • Waterbond is built on the core vision of developing effective & economical treatment systems to meet all industrial needs. Our unique capabilities enable us to diligently undertake complete treatment plant projects encompassing design, procurement, fabrication, installation and commissioning - in a manner of utmost reliability and efficiency.

  • Waterbond's backbone is a pool of committed engineering experts of various disciplines, capable of symbiotically bringing technologies into the systems through optimal integration, essentially meeting the demands and requirements of our clients.


We aim to establish a strong presence and excel in the water and wastewater treatment industries in South East Asia.


  • We provide professional services and innovative solutions.
  • We integrate innovative designs with high quality components to produce a highly effective, reliable and efficient solution.


  • Professionalism - We will attend to any issue faced by our clients and provide prompt solutions. A reliable and efficient after-sales-service is what we promise to all of our clients.

  • Innovations - In this industry, we need to keep up to date with current industrial development to facilitate the development of a low cost, highly efficiency solution.

  • Confidence - Our confidence comes from our years of experience. We will ensure that our treatment facilities meet the requirements set by our clients.

  • Customer Satisfaction - We take pride in seeing our clients satisfied and pledge to do whatever it takes to ensure continuous satisfaction.